Gipfelhaus Gerlitzen



The Gipfelhaus was founded by Franz Gailer, commonly called Stifter-Sauerwald, in 1930, as the first snack station at the summit of the Gerlitzen, two years after the start of the Kanzelbahn cable car. The construction was carried out under the most difficult conditions, as everything had to be built by hand on-site and the material was transported by ox carts and rucksacks.

In 1934, an alpine inn was built in place of the snack station.

1938 saw a further conversion, in which only wood was used as building material.

In the years 1944–1945, the summit house was seized by the German Wehrmacht.

In 1955, the property was taken over by the son, Alois Gailer, who again expanded and modernized the business. In 1957, for example, the water pipe was completed; again, the excavation work was carried out by hand.

1965 Extension of the road all the way to the summit.

In 1966, further extension work was carried out (dining room).

In 1980, Alois Gailer and his daughter Heidelinde Martinz carried out the last major conversion so far; the old part was completely demolished, and the Gipfelhaus was constructed in its present form.

1992 saw the introduction of self-service, as well as the conversion of the terrace into its current form.

In 1998, the Gipfelhaus was handed over to the successor, Thomas Martinz, who continued to expand and modernize it with the help of his wife Benita. Under his leadership, the comfort rooms were built, the roof in the west wing was raised, and rooms and toilets were added. The solar system and the open fireplace were also built in the course of this project.

In 2012, the eastern terrace was roofed and converted into a winter garden, and the old wooden windows were replaced by heat-insulating windows.

In 2013, the counter and the self-service area were re-adapted and redesigned.